John Deere CoreFUSION Hose - 50FT

John Deere CoreFUSION Hose - 50FT

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Made exclusively by Swan, the John Deere Garden Hose with CoreFUSION™ Technology represents the innovation and quality at the heart of John Deere, one of America’s leading brands in lawn care and construction equipment.

Designed in the iconic colors of the John Deere brand, the John Deere Garden Hose is one of the first garden hoses to feature Swan’s new CoreFUSION™ Technology, a major advancement in garden hose functionality that makes a garden hose kink-free.

CoreFUSION™ Technology uses Swan’s patent-pending co-extrusion process to add strong rods of a unique compound throughout the entire length of a garden hose’s interior wall to reinforce it. These proprietary rods then cause the garden hose to bend only so far in any direction, eliminating the kinks that cut off water flow.

These rods also increase the John Deere Garden Hose’s strength up to 35 percent compared with other garden hoses. This significantly improves the ability of the John Deere Garden Hose to resist damage under tension and therefore makes it one of the longest-lasting garden hoses on the market.

This ultra-durable garden hose also boasts a powerful 500 PSI burst strength to meet the most demanding needs of gardeners, landscapers, serious DIYers and other related professionals. The John Deere water hose is also an ideal kink-free garden hose for the homeowner who needs the strength of a professional garden hose to water the lawn or to power-wash a home, vehicle or equipment-

Another great feature of the John Deere Garden Hose is Swan’s new Ergonomic Female Grip at the female coupling. The grip—complete with the John Deere trademark—turns with the coupling to allow for an easy and tight attachment to the water source. The grip plus the coupling are also crush-proof up to 1,000 PSI.

The John Deere kink-free water hose also comes with a limited lifetime warranty to ensure its strength and kink-resistance at your job site or home for years to come.